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  • Angie O'Malley


At least once a month, I like to set out rotations for the primary students to go through. The rotations vary each time I set them up. I have done rotations in the past, where students are forced to rotate through every few mintues, however, I have more recently found that it works great when students can self navigate their time and interests around the room. Some students will stay in one place the whole 30-minutes while others will find their way to each station. I love this time of self-directed discovery and play. Students naturally use teamwork, communication, problem solving skills, and perseverance.

Last week, I set out 5 stations: GoldieBlox (a few sets all mixed up in one tub), Osmo Words for iPads, Laser Pegs, Keva Contraption Blocks with toy cars, and Legos.

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