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  • Angie O'Malley

Magnet Madness!

This afternoon a third grade class came in to explore with magnets! I wanted students to focus on magnetic interactions and the forces of magnets. Before we started, I showed students a video from BrainPop on magnets. We also briefly discussed how Maglev trains use magnets and watched a short clip of a train in action. This was really exciting for students to think about magnets in the real world- beyond just toys and magnets on the refrigerator.

Thank to our amazing middle school science teacher, Ms. Ashenburg, I was able to borrow a ton of magnets to use today! She gave some great ideas for rotations too! I set up six rotations for students to work though at their own pace and interest. I think this was one of my favorite rotations we've done so far this year! The students were so excited and engaged! Here are the activities students worked through:

1. Magnetic Sculptures- How can you build a sculpture that defies gravity with magnets?

2. Fuzzy Faces- Explore how magnets interact with metal filings by making funny faces.

3. Romp- Play a game of Romp, where partners place magnets on the platform and see where the pendulum lands.

4. Magnetic Car Races- Can you use a pushing and pulling force to race the magnetic cars? How can you increase the speed?

5. Magnetic Painting- By placing a piece of paper in a tub, pouring some liquid water colors on the paper, and placing a few magnetic marbles in the tub, can you then use a magnet to move the marbles and create a design?

6. Magnet Free Exploration- What's magnetic around the room? How do they repel and attract?

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