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  • Angie O'Malley

Bridge Design Continued: Prototyping

One of the third grade classes had a jump start on a bridge design project last week. Their class is going to make a life size bridge, big enough (and strong enough) for a human to walk over. I was given some very large cardboard sheets recently, and decided this was the perfect opportunity to use them!

They started learning about architectural engineering and bridges with Mystery Science a couple weeks ago and we decided to take it a step further! They were split into three groups and each group chose a different design of bridge to conquer. The bridge types selected are suspension, arch, and pillar. We started by reviewing these bridge types, then they had time in their groups to discuss a plan. After meeting in their groups, they each drew out sketches of a possible solution. From here, each group narrowed it down to one design idea. They were then given card stock paper to build a prototype. Next week, they will be given 2 large (about 8’x4’) cardboard sheets to construct the life-size bridge with! Stayed tuned!

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