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  • Angie O'Malley

Digital Story Tellers

Students in Kindergarten and first grades have been working on a unit about digital story telling. They are finding and practicing ways to share stories and ideas in a digital way.

Day 1:

We started by using this Scholastic Story Starter. It is a fun and silly website that generates story ideas. After getting a random story idea, students used the Drawing Carl App to show a digital drawing of their story.

Day 2:

Today it was up to the students to decide what their story would be about. Students used Scratch Jr. to pracitce computer coding and digital story telling together. Students learned how to create their own characters, add backgrounds, add sounds, and move their characters around.

Day 3:

Next up, was story telling via the Sock Puppets App! Students worked with a partner to have a dialog using hand puppets with varying voices. This is another silly, but fun way for students to share ideas.

Day 4:

Students are now beginning their biggest digital story telling adventure. Students will be spending the next few weeks working to create a stop motion video. Today, we talked about parts of a story, and in pairs, students came up with their own beginning, middle, and end of a story. For Kindergarten, we instead focused on characters, setting, problem, and a solution.

Day 5:

Students illustrated on paper backgrounds they would use for their stop motion movies. Some groups of students had multiple settings so had a few backgrounds.

Day 6:

Students worked to build chracters and props out of building blocks.

Day 7:

The filming begins! Check back for photos and more info next week!


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