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  • Angie O'Malley

Family STEAM Night

Last night, was our first ever Family STEAM Night. It was great! I set up 11 stations around 2 rooms and made sure each station had a card with the activity name, directions, and some questions to ponder while playing.

Here is a list of the 11 rotations I set up:

1. Marble Machines- Foam tubes, plastic bendable tubes, funnels, tape, and marbles galore

2. Robot- A family brought in their robot, Meccanoid, who responded to voice commands and danced, did karate, and told jokes.

3. Magic Notecard- Find a way to cut a notecard in a continuous loop so that your whole body can fit through it.

4. Binary Code Bracelets- Using different colored beads to represent ones and zeros, make a bracelet that spells your name or initials.

5. Balloon Zip Rockets- Decorate a rocket, tape it onto a balloon, and launch the balloon down our string zipline.

6. Parachute Building- Construct a parachute out of string, cups, blocks, and coffee filters to test out in the wind tube.

7. Paper Airplane Toss- Design and test a paper airplane

8. Snap Circuits- Free build or use guides to create circuits that involve motors, lights, and sounds

9. Tower Building- Using marshmallows and spaghetti, how tall of a tower can you build?

10. Brick Building- Free building with some suggested challengs (create an animal, a maze, a landmark).

11. Penny Lab- How many drops of water can you get to stay on top of a penny?


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