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  • Angie O'Malley

Spy Camp

This week 20 campers learned how to be official spies! This week was amazing! We had so much fun! Here are some of the highlights:

- Looking closely at fingerprints while learning to classify and identify them

- Learning about Julius Caesar Cipher Wheels and developing our own method of secret code

- Learning and developing our own colorgrams along with making special code reading glasses

- Independently making our own spy gear out of recycled materials

- Decorating a secret security box with secret compartments we made, then adding a pizeo buzzer alarm system we wired that only activates if the wrong person opens it, and wiring an LED light and button inside.

- Making invisible ink of out household products

- Creating blacklight art with highlighters and a UV light

- Using our best logic brainpower to work through a game of Crack the Code where we had to find the safe pathway by not stepping on "exploding tiles."

- Participating in a Who Did it Mystery, that required identifying fingerprints, footprints, handwriting samples, and aligning suspect statements with the scene

- Participating in an Unlock the Room challenge, where campers had to use clues and solve various puzzles and challenges.

- Playing group games like Poison Dart Frog, 4 corners, Eye Scream, and What are You Doing

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