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  • Angie O'Malley

Flight Academy Camp

We blasted off to great heights last week during Flight Academy. Here are some of the highlights from the week:

- Learning about the forces of flight and creating and testing paper airplanes

- Building tetrahedral kites out of straws, string, and tissue paper

- Constructing parachutes out of coffee filters, cups, and wooden weights

- Decorating our kites using a Japanese ink marbling technique where the ink floats on water

- Testing our parachute in the wind tube to see if we could get it to float in a specified zone

- Building our own mini wind tubes to test out mini fliers

- Using a flight simulator app to get the feel of being a pilot

- Participating in an experiment to determine if and how taste buds change when astronauts are in space

- Watching one of our fellow campers fly his drone

- Building and launching paper rockets using a rocket launcher from (Our school was borrowing this one, but we will be getting our own! Wahoo!). Our rockets flew HUNDREDS of feet! It was amazing!

- Playing in the sprinkler!

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