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  • Angie O'Malley

Growth Mindset

I decided to start the year discussing growth mindset with all of my students. While I think teaching them components of growth mindset is valuable for any setting, STEAM is such a perfect place to have the conversation. Students are constantly tinkering, building, and rebuilding. They get stuck. They get frustrated. They have to find ways to stay positive, channel their inner confidence, and power through difficult challenges. This is where teaching them about the brains inner workings and how to build a positive mindset come into play. We started the day by watching Class Dojo Growth Mindset Video series. There are 5 "chapters" and each is about 3 minutes long. They cover topics such as yet statements and how challenges help grow the brain. After watching the video series, students were given a piece of paper with a non-growth mindset statement such as "I can't do it!" Students used the bottom half of the page to transform this into a growth mindset statement and decorate it to make it look like a poster.

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