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  • Angie O'Malley


I always love to start the school year with rotations for my primary grades. It allows new students to get a feel for STEAM lab, explore the materials we have available to them, and get to know me and their peers in a fun way. Plus, who doesn't love to just PLAY?

A couple fun observations happened during rotations. I taught first grade how to play Robot Turtles and a small group who were playing added their own twists to the game and played by their invented rules. It was fun to see the collaboration and creativity. I also loved seeing a group of kindergarten boys playing with GoldieBlox, and all the girls playing with all toys BUT GoldieBlox. GoldieBlox are a toy invented to get girls involved in engineering and while, my girls love the too, but it just goes to show that if kids are exposed to STEAM early on, with developmentally appropriate and engaging toys/challenges/lessons, it becomes the norm and there really isn't a need to have special colored or decorated toys. They quickly realize how awesome STEAM! It's our job to expose them to this early on and empower them to continue learning and taking risks.

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