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  • Angie O'Malley

Weekly Insights and Inspiration

This week was really busy! For the first time since school started kids seem to really have a grasp of how STEAM Lab works and have dove right in! A couple standout moments from the week include:

  • A 4th grade student making a maze for a bristlebot, who without prompting, went over to the prototyping cupboard with such confidence and focus. He grabbed copper tape, LEDs, and a battery. Without help, guidance, or inspiration he wired a light that activates when the bristlebot travels o

ver a ramp he built. He learned how to do this during a STEAM summer camp with me and I was so proud to see him use these materials on his own accord with his own creativity and innovation mindset.

  • A 7th grade student sharing a project idea about wiring an LED strip into a hat. Another student (new to our school) overheard and began telling me about how he could also use the lighting strip to make a runway on a 3D printed airport terminal he is modeling. Witnessing students inspiring their peers makes me so excited! It's not only such a wonderful learning opportunity but it builds collaboration and community.

It was a busy week and some major making was happening in the lab! Check back next week for more photos and project details!

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