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  • Angie O'Malley

Haunted STEAM Halloween

A couple of weeks ago, the middle school produced a haunted STEAM Lab Exhibit. Students have been working on a variety of projects to display. Students in grades 1-3 loved coming to the lab and interacting with their creations! Some examples of pieces produced include:

  • Squishy Circuit Spider with a wired motor that spins the spider's hat

  • An original drawing of Jason, cut in vinyl with the Cameo and placed on Plexiglass

  • Gummy bear and pumpkin powered pianos that were coded using Scratch

  • A 3D printed ghost under a haunted bridge that was designed to allow dry ice to flow out of the mouth of the monster

  • A candy flinging catapult

  • Witch hat 3D printed earrings

  • LED wired felt Halloween themed bracelet

  • A Halloween themed geodesic dome

  • Halloween themed dance, golf, and target throwing games programmed on Scratch and made interactive using the MakeyMakey

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