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  • angienic3

Maker Girls Camp

This week was a huge success! 15 campers embarked on a whirlwind of a week- including 3 huge projects. Campers started the week making pinball machines out of recycled materials. Next, they added in cooper tape and attached a Makey Makey to the tape and computer. They programmed animations and sounds on Scratch so when their metal pinball rolled across the copper tape it activated the animations and sounds. They turned out amazing! On day 3, campers used Lilypad Tinys to sew electrical circuits (using conductive thread) into stuffed creatures. On day 4, campers designed and built tiny houses! We also somehow found time to make some slime and play with magnetic slime, make spin art, shrink art, workout some brainteasers, program some robots, and have a huge water fight! They loved all projects but we definitely could have used an extra week of time! This week was definitely a summer highlight for me and many campers.

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