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I'm passionate about teaching kids to be creative and fearless when learning. I encourage play, discovery, and questioning how the world works. I love seeing the wonder and awe in kids' eyes when they are presented with something new. I love seeing their confidence, pride, and joy burst through when they sense accomplishment. Before starting Elementary Innovators, I was a physical education and STEAM teacher at a K-8 school for 10 years. There, I created a STEAM program and curriculum and designed a makerspace lab for K-8 students. I have led professional development sessions on technology, iPad integration, STEM/STEAM, and meaningful making. Additionally, I have provided consultation to educators across the country about starting a makerspace. I was a member of Columbia University's (formally through Stanford University) FabLearn Fellowship, a cohort of 20 Maker Educators from around the world, creating open-sourced resources for teachers and families. I was a contributing writer to Meaningful Making, Volume 2. Currently, I'm busy keeping up with my little one and watching him explore the world.


Reach me at:

Twitter: @eleminnovators

"Play is the highest form of research."

-Albert Einstein

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