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  • Angie O'Malley

Squishy Circuits

Morning K-2 STEAM Surge explored electrical circuits with squish circuits today! Squishy circuits uses conductive dough (made with a high enough water content), to complete a circuit. Each student was given a 9V battery, battery connecting wires, a handful of mulit colored LED lights, and a couple balls of dough I found at the local dollar store. You should be able to use most brands of dough, but there are also recipes online to make both conductive and insulating dough if you wanted your designs to get a bit more involved. I showed the students an example and we talked about the necessary components of a circuit. We also talked about why the dough is able to complete a circuit. Students got the hang of creating a circuit very quickly and LOVED this project. They were constantly turning off the classroom lights and "awing" in amazement at their creations when lit up. Some students found ways to break their circuit by attching extra dough in specific locations and called this their switch. Each student took home the supplies to continue creating more designs at home!

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