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  • Angie O'Malley

STEAM Visitor: ELF!

Kindergarten had a package delivered to the room right in the middle of my lesson! The package had a note that said an elf was being sent to their classroom from the North Pole! This wasn't any ordinary elf. This was a magical elf who needed their engineering help on the North Pole! The elf said it woudl have many challenges for kindergarten to help with. The first challenge it wrote about was how the elves needed a transporation device to get them to and from the many toy workshop buildings without slipping or getting stuck in the ice and snow. Kindergarten students couldn't wait to help the elves on the North Pole! They quickly got started designing transportation systems including rockets, sleds, and skiis for the elves. We packaged their designs up for the elf to bring back to the North Pole!

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