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  • Angie O'Malley

MLK Impactful Words and Actions Buttons

Today, we watched a video read-aloud of the book, Martin's Big Words,a book about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life. We discussed the importance of his work. We also discussed why the movement was needed, including thinking of how and why the world got to a place of division, inequality, and injustice. We talked about the importance of compassion, understanding, listening, and empathy, particularly when learning about an idea or concept that might be new or feel different to us. We then listed the characteristics and big words that we felt Dr. King lived by. Some examples students shared included equality, justice, love, passion, and peace. We then spent some time thinking about which words resinated most with us as individuals and which words we also hold important to our character. Students then made buttons to share their word with the world.

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